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Where Should We Begin?

Esther Perel

Essentials | Miscellaneous

This podcast takes the audience inside the practice of Esther Perel, belgian psychotherapist living in the US, when she receives couples (heterosexual and homosexual). The themes covered are very varied: infidelity, sexuality, love, adoption, traumas, communication, etc. We hear both excerpts from therapeutic sessions as well as Esther Perel’s reflections on what she has heard […]

Women’s sexuality – A podcast to one’s own #18

Charlotte Bienaimé

Sex and Politics | Sex and Testimonies

In this episode of Un podcast à soi, Charlotte Bienaimé lets us hear personal stories, put into perspective by researchers. They talk about social representations in sex, ignorance about the functioning of sexual organs, gender roles in sexuality, etc.


Women’s Chorus

Martin Winckler

Sex and Body

The novel Le Chœur des femmes (trad. : “The Women’s Chorus”) is the explosive encounter, in a women’s medicine department, between a pure product of the medical institution and a free spirit doctor. Their dialogues question the doctor/patient relationship, the way practitioners take pain into account and how to listen to each other’s stories, etc. […]

Find the orgasm – Feet on Earth

Sonia Kronlund et Olivia Müller

Sex and Testimonies

This episode of a France Culture podcast recorded three stories of orgasms told by women. One of them had her first orgasm at the age of 74 and the two others reached it in their thirties. They describe and explain how their sexuality and their relationship to pleasure evolved.

Nature and Origin of Squirting

Samuel Salama, Florence Boitrelle, Amélie Gauquelin, Lydia Malagrida, Nicolas Thiounn, Pierre Desvaux

Sex and Science

This scientific article studies the nature and origin of “squirting” as it is still a controversial subject. Seven women, used to “squirt”, participated in this study. The protocol is quite simple: they empty their bladders, get excited and squirt. Using pelvic ultrasound scans, urine samples and squirting samples, the researchers concluded that squirting is essentially […]


Drawing flowers with a vagina – ft. my midwife ♡

Marine Périn

Sex and Body | Sex and Politics

Marine Périn is a journalist, video maker, author and feminist. Among other things, she has directed a documentary “TRAQUÉES – Les cyberviolences conjugales” (trad. “HUNTED – marital cyberviolences”). With two other women, she also created a podcast “La Bougeotte“, which is aimed at all women who travel. On her YouTube channel “Marinette, Femmes et Féminisme“, […]

Orgasm gap

David Frederick, H. Kate St. John, Justin R. Garcia & Elisabeth A. Lloyd

Sex and Science

This scientific paper with a clear but… long title (“Differences in Orgasm Frequency Among Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Men and Women in a U.S. National Sample”) investigates what is known as “the orgasm gap”, that is, the differences in the frequency of orgasms between men and women, whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, or heterosexual, among […]

Orgasm & me


Sex and Testimonies

Her mantra: “for a compassionate, free and inclusive sexuality”. It is a combination of information, education and de-dramatization. Charline, in charge of the page, offers stories that put sexuality in the spotlight, in all its magnificence. She proposes to inform and educate people for a fulfilled and loving sexuality. The goal is to take down […]